Lalla Bhaiya | Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh

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Who is Lalla Bhaiya?

What is the real Name of Lalla bhaiya?

The Real Name of Lalla Bhaiya Is Kunwar Ajay pratap singh.

Let’s talk about it…

Lalla Bhaiya | Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh is an Indian politician and who later become the MLA of Utter Pradesh Legislative Assembly in 2007 of the Fifteenth Assembly. Before coming to the political status first have a look at his Personal Information, I’m not sharing any critical personal information with anyone, so don’t get panic. These are the detail that has provided to Uttar Pradesh Assembly.

Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh


 Bharatiya Janta Party (Current Working Party)

Father NameLate. Kunwar Madan Mohan Singh
Date of Birth27/03/1964
Place of BirthLucknow
Marital StatusMarried
Date of Marriage12/07/1987
Spouse NameMrs. Mamta Singh

Boys: 4

Girls: 2

Special Interest





Position Held11/1989 to 04/04/1981
Selected as MLA6
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As per now we have discussed the personal information now let’s come to the Political statue, How he started his carrier and How he becomes a popular MLA with an increase in public support. 

Photos of Lalla Bhaiya

Political Carrier of Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh

Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh in the 15th Assembly of Uttar Pradesh India. In the year 2007 Uttar Pradesh Assembly election he participated in the election on behalf of the Congress from Colonelganj assembly constituency in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. In the year 1989 elections Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh Stepped into Politics as an independent Candidate and defeated Congress. 

Candidate in Colonelganj Assembly Constituency. The area of Colonelganj is Originally Known as the area by the sweetness of sugarcane and the Sacred Confluence of the Surya Ghaghara River the SukharKhet on this holy land the ashram of Rajapur Guru Nagar Haridas, the Birthplace of Mahakavi Tulsi Ji, Tulsi has various mythological and historical Sites including Shringi Rishi Ashram Singh Riya Maa Barhi Temple.

It is being told that Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh is called Kunwar of Bargadi Kot Colonelganj they have inherited politics. His father Mr. Madan Mohan Singh Contested independent also started his political journey as an independent candidate on his father and was successful in winning the election. The youth was most excited when Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh became the youngest MLA.

When Lalla Bhaiya | Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh Joined BJP

Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh changed from the independent candidate and joined BJP in 1991. Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh won the election in 1993. In 2002, the BJP gave tickets at the last minute because they were sick too. Therefore, what could not be found among the Public and Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh lost by some votes. 

In the year 2007, Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh once again managed to win the Bridge Course from the BJP by riding an elephant. Still, in the 2012 elections, Ajay Pratap Singh yet suffers defeat, and Yogesh Pratap Singh won the BJP elections and became a minster in the government but was sacked in the Middle. When it is the turn of the 2017 election, and angry Yogesh Pratap was being speculated to leave SP and go to BJP. Earlier the rival Ajay Pratap Singh Switched sides from the BJP and joined the old worker is already looking forward to the ticket when fans were shocked that the party will give the ticket to Dal Badlu or give tickets to the former workers. Yogesh won the election in the year 2012. Still, this time Ajay Pratap Singh’s return has intensified the discussions about the BJP Candidate in the election here whether the party trusts the defection of the old workers again.

Present Status of Lalla Bhaiya | Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh

He is now a present MLA of Gonda, colonelganj Constituency. He was accused of 5 criminal cases in various IPC sections applicable such as 147, 148, 307,120B, 188, 506, and many more Registered by his name in Lucknow Gonda and Colonelganj also. He was convicted in none till now.


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