the black death ( Greatest Pandemic In History )

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The Black Death

the black death 14th century

Black Death is basically the greatest pandemic in history. It is also called as Pestilence, Great Bubonic Plague. It is caused by bacteria named Yersinia Pestis. It is on inflectional fever. This bacterium was carried out by the insects and spread rapidly and it became

the greatest adversity for the world. In October 1347 twelve ships started to reach Europe but in ship some rats also took place and they were affected by the bacteria Yersinia Pestis. The rat had eaten some food which was to eat shipmen. After that they also eat that food and bacteria are transferred from rat to man and it spread by physical contact of man to man. After the spread of bacteria, they were felling like headaches, vomiting, etc but in ship lack of doctor, they all got died. When ships arrived on the ports of Europe. The Europeans were not aware of what happened on the ship because nobody came out from the ship. When nobody came from ship Europeans started thinking how ships come here?

Then some people went inside the ship and they shocked to see that all the people inside the ship have died. When Europeans were taking out the dead bodies of the people the bacteria spread to Europeans but people do not know that it will become the greatest adversity. Now slowly it started to spread in whole of Europe approximately 50 million people died due to Plague.

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How Did The Black Plague Start?

the black death of europe

The Black Death (Plague) started in the Himalayan Mountains of south Asia (Chinese territory) in the 12th century. In the 12th century, black rats were more and more spread the bacteria caused Yersinia Pestis. These bacteria caused the plague. First, it spread to fleas that lived on the body

of rats then fleas drank the blood of rat that was infected by the bacteria then they passed it into the human body by biting them.

Symptoms of the Black Plague  

The people of Europe were barely known about the reality of the Black Plague. At the beginning of the disease, it causes swelling in armpits. It is the size of an egg and it named as plague boils.

From these eggs like swelling puss and blood come out and some other unpleasant symptoms are Common flu-like fever, chills, vomiting, Headache, and terrible aches. After some time it causes death In Bubonic Plague bacteria attacks on lymph nodes. If it is not treated the infection spread in the blood or lungs.

How did the Black Death Spread?

The Black Death was reckless and it was contagious. Black Death started spreading recklessly by touching one to other people or by touching cloths. This disease was very terrific. Its effect was that when healthy people went to the bed at night might be dead in the morning.

Understanding The Black Death

Nowadays, scientists understand what is Black Death, now it is known as Plague, It is spread by a bacteria called Yersinia Pestis. This Bacteria is discovered by French biologist Alexandre Yersin at the end of the 19th century. People know that this bacteria travels from one person to another person throughout the air, also travel through the bite of infected fleas and rats both can be found in almost everywhere in Europe. They also live on the Ships That travel between one city to another city ports.

How do You Treat The Black Death

Only one way to get rid of this plague was “stay at home” the plague was that much terrific it shows its effect within 2-3 days and if it was not treated on time people get died, There was not any medicine for this malady. Also, so many animals mainly sheep get died by the Plague and this was a cause for the shortage of sheep in Europe.

Black Plague: God’s Punishment?

There was no appropriate reason for this greatest adversity ( The Plague ) people started saying that it is God’s punishment. Some people decided to do a big worship. A group of people went to the Church and called the priest and they started to worship. There were also some people who think that this is not god’s punishment but it is the plan of some other country to attack us. These types of hearsay started in Europe.

How did the Black Death End?

The plague cannot be totally ended and it returned after 800 years later. But this time people were aware of this disease. It can be controlled by testing to people if people had a positive result they sent to the isolation ward until they get rid of this disease. Also, a way that makes social distancing between people. People who come from other cities or countries they sent to the isolation ward for testing of the plague for 30 days.

Does The Black Plague Still Exist?

Yes, The Black Plague still Exist the WHO (World Health Organisation) finds 1000 to 3000 cases of plague every year.

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