ZOOM APP: Things to know about Zoom | zoom meeting

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ZOOM APP: Things You Should Know About ZOOM and Zoom Meeting

Zoom app is one of the top emerging video conferencing apps. In this article, I will give you some detail on 

  1. What is the Zoom app?
  2. What is “Zoom Meeting”?
  3. Things You Should Know Before Using it.
  4. How to download or how to use it without downloading/installing it on your device?

Currently, our world is facing COVID-19 (Chinese virus) infecting millions of people and deadly to the weak immune system individuals. Almost every country is fighting with it by one-and-only cure at this time i.e. social distancing. Letting the people work from home and this gives the rise in the number of online video conferencing apps.

let’s come to the first query:

What is the Zoom App?

Zoom video communication, Inc(zoom) is a company based on communication technology headquartered in San Jose, California. The founder of this video conferencing app is Eric Yuan (founder and CEO) in 2011, who was a former CISCO Webex Executive Engineer. He launched this application for commercial use in 2013.
It provides varieties of communication features such as video conferencing, meeting, audio conferencing, webinars, audio or video recording and live chat.

I have stated below the key features of This app-

  • One consistent enterprise experience for all use cases.
  • simple to use, well-optimized and engineered makes it reliable to use.
  • It Supports up-to 1000 participants in a video conferencing & 10,000 viewers.
  • Low and affordable pricing makes it easy to purchase.

What is? “Zoom Meeting”

What is the zoom meeting, A “zoom meeting” formally refers to the meeting held on zoom. The person can join the meeting without installing it. The individual requires the meeting room ID and password. They can join meetings on any device. i.e. computer, mobile via webcam or video conferencing camera. The free version of it only enables you to host a meeting for 40 minutes with 100 participants. 

I have mentioned the pricing and plans offered by Zoom App:

price= $0.00 USD price= $14.99/mo/host price= $19.99/mo/host price= $19.99/mo/host
host up to 100 participants  All basic features (+100 participants) All pro feature (+300 participants) All business features (+500 participants)
40 min meeting limit 24 min meeting limit 24 min meeting limit 24 min meeting limit
unlimited number of meetings Admin feature controls Admin dashboard and phone support unlimited cloud storage
Ticket support 1 GB of mp4 or mp4A cloud storage company branding, custom emails Executive Business Reviews

Things to know before using zoom app

As many of you heard about privacy and security concerns regarding zoom online video conferencing app, many of the countries banned this app for any government use by any official. This is an American company but its servers are in mainland China but this isn’t the main reason why government officials are avoiding it.

The main reason is the lack of security checks and maintenance of user’s data hackers can easily trace and steal the sensitive information held in the meeting. Hackers attacks on vulnerable zoom meeting or audio conference going on. They can retrieve data or record sound and video of your meeting, able to get access to your screen if you are sharing your screen. It would be better for you to avoid the transfer of sensitive information on it.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, CyCord (Cyber Coordination Centre) released an advisory on secured use of zoom meeting platform by the private individual they also announced not to use it for any official purpose by government offices/officials.

If You still want to use it I have mentioned some of the precautionary steps you should take for your secured meeting-

  • Restrict the users through passwords and limiting access grants, it will you from DOS attack.
  • Try to create New Id and password for each meeting you want to organize.
  • Enable waiting room this will help you to check the intended participants you invited.
  • Disable join before host.
  • Allow ‘screen sharing by host only’ this will let the participant’s device more secure.
    Disable “Allow removed participants to rejoin”.
  • Restrict or disable file transfer.
  • Restricting the recording feature will help in preventing essential data or information getting leaked out.
  • Lock the meeting room once all the attendees have joined the meeting.

How to download or how to use it without downloading/installing it on your device?

Step1. To download the zoom app setup file, open your browser and visit the official website i.e. “zoom.us“.

or click here – ? “zoom.us

Step2. Scroll down to the bottom of the website and click on the download section.

ZOOM APP: Things to know about Zoom | zoom meeting

Step3. After clicking choose the intended one you want to download, here I have chosen “zoom client for meeting”.

ZOOM APP: Things to know about Zoom | zoom meeting

Step4. After downloading this open (.exe) file and initializing begins and latter installed on your pc.

Now you have to just sign in and enjoy your meeting!

Watch the video to know more about the zoom app.


Finally, I hope you got information about ZOOM APP: Things to know about Zoom | zoom meeting I hope the given information was helpful to you. You can ask any of the doubts in the comment section. Thank you for reading this article till the end. 

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